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Top 5 Things To Do in Albuquerque, NM


One of the greatest joys of having an RV is the ability to easily travel and explore all of the amazing sights New Mexico has to offer. The state’s largest city, Albuquerque, sits in the high desert and offers an array of activities fit for you or anyone in your family. From exploring the great outdoors and hiking to educational museums, the city has something for everyone. In addition to the historic Old Town, the newer areas of the city offer a more modern feel. Check out some of the best things to do in Albuquerque and make sure to add to your bucket list! 

Hot Air Balloon Ride
If you’re not afraid of heights and looking to get a view of the city like no other, set aside the time to go for a hot air balloon ride. Start your morning off right and get the opportunity to see incredible sunrise views of Albuquerque as well as the beautiful Sandia Mountains and even the Rio Grande. In addition to getting breathtaking views of the landscape, learn more about the geology and environment courtesy of the pilot’s commentary. 

La Luz Trail
For those looking to get their steps in and have some physical activity in their itinerary, hit up the La Luz trail to get a sense of the landscape. The eight-mile hike starts at the La Luz Trailhead and brings you to Sandia Crest or the Sandia Peak Tramway. One of the most popular yet most challenging trails, this hike treats you to ever-changing views of cliffs, trees, and wildflowers.

Albuquerque Old Town
A trip to Albuquerque isn’t complete without stopping by the historic Albuquerque Old Town. Founded back in 1706, Old Town is built around the Plaza and San Felipe de Neri Church and is filled with historic homes and buildings. Experience the charm of the historic area by strolling through the shops and restaurants and even take a bike tour to get a better lay of the land. This area offers a range of cuisines, from traditional New Mexican dishes to classic French cuisine as well. 

The National Museum of Nuclear Science
For all the history buffs out there, make sure you stop by the National Museum of Nuclear Science to explore how nuclear science continues to change our society. This museum is the state’s only congressionally chartered museum in its field and is even a Smithsonian affiliate. Founded in 1969, The National Museum of Nuclear Science was originally known as the National Atomic Museum and serves as a place to better educate attendees on the diverse applications of nuclear energy. 

Indian Pueblo Cultural Center
Get a better sense of this historic area’s culture and stop by the Indian Pueblo Cultural Center. Founded in 1976, the IPCC is owned and operated together by the 19 Pueblos of New Mexico. This world-class museum is a place where the native Pueblo people can tell their stories and keep their history alive. The IPCC is the only place in all of North America to host Native American dances and celebrations every weekend, year-round. The center offers a range of cultural and community activities including children’s programs and art festivals. 

While these are some great starting points for your Albuquerque trip, this large city offers endless ways to explore and learn more about the area. From the varying museums to trails that take you all around the landscape, you’re sure to find something up your alley in Albuquerque.

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