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The Top 5 Reasons To Buy A 5th-Wheel

5th wheel

There are so many RV options available these days, it can be a really tough choice trying to decide what works best for your situation. 5th-wheels are one of our favorite options due to stability and space. Let’s take a look at some of our favorite features of 5th-wheels!

Towing Stability
It can take a lot of experience to get used to driving a motorhome or trailer and can be one of the biggest deciding factors when purchasing an RV. 5th-wheels provide a lot of stability and flexibility when it comes to traveling. The way the 5th-wheels are attached feel more secure while on the road. You’re less likely to feel sway from big winds, speed, or semis.

Cost of Operation
With the correct towing truck, you’ll get maximum fuel efficiency and spend less on maintenance or repairs. The cost of pickup truck maintenance is significantly less than motorhome engine maintenance, even down to the oil change. You also won’t be out of a house when you’re getting work done versus taking a motorhome to the shop.

Parking Stability
The weight of 5th-wheels has its pros and cons but when considering parking and safety during weather, the weight is definitely a pro. You will feel like your feet are firmly planted on the ground in a 5th-wheel. You won’t notice as much swaying while walking around or during heavy wind and storms. 5th-wheels have been known to withstand very high wind speeds.

Living Space
Did you know 5th-wheels often have full-sized appliances inside? It’s like an actual apartment on wheels and is a dream for tall travelers or large families. The ceilings are typically over 7 feet tall and, depending on the design, there are often multiple rooms or sections so everyone can feel like they have their own space.

Basement Storage 
With motorhomes, you lose a lot of storage due to all the vehicles moving parts. With 5th-wheels, all of that space is replaced with storage! There are multiple compartments on the bottom of these rigs, many being pass-through compartments so you can store long items like skis or tent poles.

5th-wheels are ideal for families or full-time travelers. You will never feel cramped, you have an ample amount of storage, and you’ll feel safe while on the road or while parked. Ready to see how a 5th-wheel feels? Send us a message!

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