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The Top 5 Reasons To Buy A 5th-Wheel

5th wheel

With so many types of RV available to choose from, it can be challenging to narrow down your options. From RVs with a low profile to fifth-wheel RVs with more space, choosing an RV is a complex decision. Here, we discuss the benefits of a fifth-wheel RV and why fifth-wheel RVs offer more space, more stability, and may even be more fuel efficient than other RV designs. So, let’s get into the top 5 reasons to buy a fifth-wheel RV without further ado.

What is a Fifth-Wheel RV?

A fifth-wheel RV (sometimes called a “fiver”) is a type of RV that hands over the back of a truck. If you’ve ever seen a semi-truck with a bunk above the cabin, the same general principle applies to these RVs. The RV attaches to what’s known as a fifth-wheel mount on a truck. 

These RVs are known for their size and added space, with the ability to sleep up to ten people depending on the size and design of the trailer. The added “loft” space over the truck can be used for nearly anything, with some RVs placing the sleeping area, dining area, or kitchen in that area.


Major Differences Between Fifth-Wheel RVs and Other RVs

We promise we’re not going to go into the nitty-gritty of every kind of RV here, but let’s look at the fundamental differences between a fifth-wheel RV and other designs. First, fifth-wheel RVs offer more stability than other trailers RVs due to their centering on the back of the truck. 

Unlike self-driving RVs, fifth-wheels allow you to park your RV and take your vehicle separately, allowing for more exploration. Plus, compared to many other RV trailers, fifth-wheel RVs can hold more and have different levels of elevation to make you feel like you have a variable living space. While these RVs require you to own a truck to tow them when next to their smaller trailer counterparts, a fifth-wheel trailer can look like a castle. 


Top 5 Perks of a Fifth-Wheel RV

Let’s look at the top five reasons why the fifth-wheel RV is one of our favorite designs. Here, we discuss towing stability, overall cost, parking stability, available living space, and basement storage. Of course, not every RV will fit every lifestyle, so consider your travel goals before picking an RV. Thankfully, our team of experts here at GoodSense RV can answer any questions if you have any questions. 


Towing Stability

You may be surprised to learn many owners find fifth-wheel RVs easier to tow, despite their large size. This stability comes from the towing hitch location. Compared to other trailers, fifth-wheel RVs are centered on the back axle of your vehicle, meaning you have more control and stability compared with other towing hitches. 

Another thing to remember is that while the total length of the trailer may be bigger than a standard RV trailer, part of that length hangs over the back of your truck, meaning you are technically towing a shorter trailer. The added weight of a fifth-wheel trailer can also help you avoid common towing concerns like wind gusts and instability caused by trucks passing on the highway. 


Cost of Operation

If you’ve owned a motorized RV before, you understand how hard it can be to keep your engine in top condition. Even with regular tune-ups from professionals like GoodSense RV, getting work done on your RV requires some serious leg work. In addition, you have to drive your entire RV to the shop, and general maintenance can be expensive compared with your standard vehicle upkeep.

On a fifth-wheel trailer, your towing power comes exclusively from your truck. This means that as long as you take care of your truck, you’ll be able to tow your RV with no issues. Also, getting an oil change on your truck is more convenient than driving a whole motorhome into the shop. Plus, if you need to get work done on your truck while you’re on the road, you don’t have to leave your entire trailer at the shop, meaning you’ll always have a place to stay as long as your RV is intact. 

Parking Stability

If you’ve ever parked in a pop-up camper or even a small RV, you have a good idea why lightweight trailers have their downsides. From swaying and shaking to weather concerns, having a little extra tow weight can help keep your wheels on the ground. 

Not only are fifth-wheel RVs larger, but they’re also solidly built, meaning you’ll feel more like you’re in a traditional home while on the road. On top of this, fifth-wheelers are made to withstand inclement weather, meaning you can rest easy knowing you’re not about to take an all-expenses paid trip to the Land of Oz the next time it gets a bit windy. 


Living Space

As we said earlier, living in a fifth-wheeler instead of a typical RV trailer can feel like upgrading from a wagon to a castle. This is the ideal RV for long-term living, with full-sized appliances, tall ceilings, and sectioned-off living areas to make every family member feel like they have their own space. Fifth-wheel RVs can be larger (and heavier) than their counterparts due to the way they’re towed, meaning you can carry a lot more with you while you travel. A fifth-wheel is an excellent RV if you have a larger family or want privacy.


Basement Storage

While you may think motorhomes have more storage, much of that “basement storage” goes to the working parts that keep your motorhome moving. With a fifth-wheel RV, there’s nothing needed to keep this thing moving, meaning that all that space is free for storage. Longer storage areas are perfect for skis and tent poles, while the other areas are perfect for long-term item storage. 


If you’re interested in seeing a fifth-wheel RV for yourself or would like to schedule a tune-up, give GoodSense RV a call. We make sure your RV is in top condition before you hit the road, and we have plenty of fifth-wheel RVs available on our lot. So make sure to visit us today. 

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