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The Best Solar Panels for RVs

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A solar power system may be right for you if you want to reduce your energy footprint and be self-sufficient while traveling in your RV. Solar panels allow you to recharge your batteries wherever you go and can act as an emergency backup if you run out of power. Plus, solar panels are better for the environment than other energy sources, meaning you can slightly reduce your environmental impact while traveling.

Let’s look at what to look for in solar panels for your RV and some tips and tricks to help you get the most out of your eco-friendly energy source. 

What to Look for in Solar Panels for RVs

Before you start shopping for solar panels, there are a few things to keep in mind. First, solar panels are only as helpful as the battery system you intend to use. While you can directly plug some electronics into specific solar panel charging systems, this limits you to only using the panels when it’s sunny. If you want to store the sun’s energy, you’ll need a battery to hold onto that extra power for a rainy day, quite literally! 

The size and type of solar panel to invest in for your RV depend on what you intend to use it for. If you’re looking to run your entire RV off a solar panel, you will need a more robust system than if you want a small backup for electronics while you’re out exploring. Thankfully, plenty of RV-compatible solar panels are made to travel with you. 

Weather and Solar Panels

Some things you want to consider when looking for solar panels for your RV are where you intend to mount your solar panels, how many solar panels you need, and where you’ll be traveling. While solar panels are usually weather-resistant, some conditions are more challenging to use solar panels than others. 

For example, if you’re heading to the frigid north with your RV and hope to exist off of solar alone, you may be disappointed when you find out the sunlight is limited during the colder months. You may also need to worry about icing, snow, and other types of precipitation that can cover your solar panels or even damage them if left alone for too long. You want to invest in solar panels that are made to withstand high winds, intense hail, and anything else Mother Nature can throw at you. 

Location, Location, Location

While most RV solar panels are made to be mounted on your RV’s roof, some smaller solar panels are made for window use or even on your dashboard. This all depends on the size of the solar panels and how much direct sunlight they require. Since every solar panel has different requirements, it’s best to do your research on each solar panel before making a final investment. 

Another thing to keep in mind is the solar availability of your campsite. Sure, we all love camping in a nice, wooded area, but shaded areas could be better for solar panels, so be sure to plan your charging schedule around where you’re going to stop on your trip. 

Thankfully, many solar panels will charge while you drive, especially on a sunny day. This allows you to recharge your batteries while you’re on the go without worrying about finding an RV hookup for the evening. 

You can even use some solar panel systems to recharge your car battery in a pinch, making a solar panel a must-have for an emergency. However, remember that only some RV solar panels can jumpstart your car battery, so check the optimal wattage before counting on them in a crisis. 

Benefits of Solar Panels

Not only do solar panels help offset your carbon footprint while adventuring in your RV, but they also provide easily accessible energy. In addition, solar panels can broaden your horizon when exploring, as you don’t need to camp at locations with RV hookups. Not only does this reduce your energy usage overall, but it also allows you to explore the road less traveled without worrying about roughing it. 

Another benefit of solar panels is that they are lightweight and are usually attached to the top of your RV. Space is limited inside most RVs, so having a charging system that doesn’t take up prime storage space is a plus. 

If you’re looking to invest in solar panels for your RV, or have any questions, feel free to contact us. Here at Good Sense RV, we work hard to keep your RV in top shape so you can travel worry-free. Not only do we offer RV tune-ups, but we also handle RV repairs. Plus, if you’re looking to invest in a new RV, check out what we have to offer on the lot. No matter what you’re in the market for, our team works hard to keep your RV running smoothly through rain, sleet, or sunny, solar-powered skies. 

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