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How to Prepare for the Road: Motorcycle Edition


Motorcycles are an exciting and fun way to travel. A motorcycle allows you to feel one with your surroundings, feeling the breeze and just enjoying the ride. The freedom and adventure that a motorcycle provides are unmatched! Whether you have been riding for years or are just a beginner, preparing for the road is very important! We have put together a checklist to go through before you hit the road, even if it is for just a short ride. Here is our pre-ride checklist, motorcycle edition!

Inspect Your Bike
Before you hit the road, inspect your motorcycle to be sure that it is in proper working condition. Look over your bike and make sure that everything is working and has no damage that could interfere with safety. Be sure to check that your motorcycle has plenty of oil and other fluids that keep it running smoothly. Finally, make sure that your battery has enough voltage and check that your brakes are working properly.

Dress For The Road
Arguably the most important thing to remember before getting on your motorcycle is your helmet and other protective gear. In the event of a crash or any other malfunction, your helmet and gear can protect you from serious injury and even save your life. The next thing you’ll want to make sure you wear are earplugs to protect your ears and cut down noise. Wearing riding gloves and boots will also help keep you comfortable while you ride. Don’t forget to protect your eyes with sunglasses or goggles. Lastly, check the weather before your trip and dress accordingly. Motorcycles offer very little to no shielding from the elements, so wear what will keep you comfortable, warm, and safe.

Pack The Essentials
It is always a good idea to bring a first aid kit in case of any injuries. We also recommend carrying a kit of tools, including wrenches, air pumps, flashlights, duct tape, and cable ties. It is always best to be prepared for any problems that may arise. Along with emergency preparedness, it is also wise to bring a motorcycle cover with you to protect your bike when you are not riding it. You will also need to pack daily necessities. Make sure to bring plenty of water, any important documents, your wallet, keys, and anything else you may need once you reach your destination. Pro tip- keep these items in a waterproof bag in case of rain!

Motorcycles are a unique, exciting way to travel. They are more than just a mode of transportation, they provide an experience, unlike any other vehicle. While motorcycles come with a lot of advantages, they are also dangerous. It is very important to be prepared for your ride, whether it is a long road trip or just a short ride. Checking your motorcycle before riding it, dressing appropriately for weather and conditions, and packing everything you may need are three steps that will help you to be prepared and safe. 

Before you hit the road for a long trip, visit us at Good Sense to get a quick check to make sure everything is running smoothly! 

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