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How to Add Value to Your RV

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While RVs can add excellent value to your life, they are not primarily known for bringing great resale value. However, there are some things you can do before selling your RV to get the most bang for your buck. It all comes down to timing and modernity when looking to sell your RV. 

While older RVs have a classic appeal (think the iconic look of an Airstream trailer or RV), the average buyer is interested in updated appliances, a sleek interior, and up-to-date hardware, including new wheels and a tuned-up motor. Besides these foundational changes, there are several things you can do before selling your RV to help boost its value. Let’s take a look at how to prepare your RV for resale and what you can do to give your RV a much-needed update. 

Update Appliances

If you’ve been shopping for a used RV, the first thing any buyer checks is the state of the appliances. No one wants to invest in an RV with a leaking fridge or old stove. However, updating your appliances can go a long way if you want to add value to your RV. 

Remember that just because appliances are old to someone else doesn’t mean they’re not “new” for you. Check swap groups or online marketplaces for RV appliances for sale. Of course, you can always invest in entirely new devices; it all depends on the level of investment you are comfortable with. 

Update Interior

Walking through the front door, most people can tell if an RV is outdated. Things like old wood paneling, peeling paint, and scuffed tiles can give your RV an overall negative feel. One way to increase the value of your RV is to update the interior. 

While updating the interior of your RV can lead to a total overhaul, some slight changes you can make have a significant impact. First, adding a new coat of paint on any cabinets, tables, or walls can significantly brighten the space. Second, plenty of snap flooring options work incredibly well in RVs and other small areas. Finally, you’re increasing its overall resale value by investing in a modern interior for your RV. 

Update Wheels, Engine, and Electronics

Before you get too concerned about the overhead, updating your engine does not mean swapping out the whole system. Instead, ensuring your RV’s engine and electrical systems are up-to-date, well-oiled, and built to last all contribute to your RV’s value. Swapping out internal electronics (including GPS systems) may add significant value to your RV. Also, nothing says “worthwhile investment” like a new set of tires. 

Even if you intend to keep your RV, new tires can go a long way toward upping the perceived value of your RV. It is also important to routinely get your RV tuned up somewhere like Good Sense RV, as these tune-ups can keep your RV in running order and catch any minor issues before they become big problems. An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cash when it comes to selling your RV, and proving that your RV is well maintained can make the value of your RV skyrocket.

Cleanliness Counts

This is by far the easiest step on this list. A clean RV is beautiful, and nothing makes an old RV shine like a deep clean. In most cases, a magic eraser and some elbow grease work wonders on a dingy interior. However, paying for interior detailing or a professional deep clean of your RV can make it shine. Making sure your RV is as clean as possible, inside and out, before attempting to sell can make a marked difference in the sale price. Be sure to clean areas that you may not often clean, like the range hood above the stove and along the window sills once they’re open. This attention to detail will pay off in the long run, so it’s worth your time to clean now and reap the rewards later. 

If you’re looking to get your RV ready to sell or are hoping to buy a new RV, check out Good Sense RV. Your RV is there for you no matter where your adventures take you. Here at Good Sense RV, we work to keep your RV running in tip-top shape with tune-ups and maintenance so you can confidently hit the road. 

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