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RV Round-Up: RV’s We’d Like To Take on a Road Trip

When people think of RVs, road trips are often one of the first things that come to mind. Driving an RV to your vacation destination is a rewarding and fun way to unwind. There are many different types of RV’s, and they all have different benefits and are good for various types of travel or vacations. Here are some RVs that we would love to take on a road trip!

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How to Prepare for the Road: Motorcycle Edition

Motorcycles are an exciting and fun way to travel. A motorcycle allows you to feel one with your surroundings, feeling the breeze and just enjoying the ride. The freedom and adventure that a motorcycle provides are unmatched! Whether you have been riding for years or are just a beginner, preparing for the road is very important! We have put together a checklist to go through before you hit the road, even if it is for just a short ride. Here is our pre-ride checklist, motorcycle edition!

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7 Reasons You Should RV Travel This Summer

We would say it’s always a good time to travel, but the summer months do make it a lot more enjoyable. It’s a great time to get the family together, enjoy the warm air, refreshing waters, and create some new memories! As you begin to weigh your summer vacation options, here’s why we think you should consider taking an RV trip this summer.

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RV Living: The Pros and Cons to the RV Lifestyle

an RV is a unique and exciting adventure! However, it is not for everybody. If you have ever considered living in an RV full time, researching the reality of that lifestyle is the first step. An RV lifestyle can be appealing for anyone looking to travel and not be tied down to one place. If you are interested in converting to full-time RV life, read on to see the pros and cons.

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5 Tips for Traveling Safely With Your RV

As with any form of travel, safety should be a top priority. Whether you are going alone or with friends, pets, or children, it is crucial to be prepared for anything that could happen. These tips will help you to travel safely with your RV and let you focus on having fun!

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5th wheel

The Top 5 Reasons To Buy A 5th-Wheel

5th-wheels are ideal for families or full-time travelers. You will never feel cramped, you have an ample amount of storage, and you’ll feel safe while on the road or while parked. Ready to see how a 5th-wheel feels? Send us a message!

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Fun and Responsibility: How to Keep Your RV Happy

It’s true that owning an RV can be both fun and rewarding, but like any vehicle, it also comes with responsibility. People need to know what type of monthly and yearly maintenance comes with owning an RV after you purchase it. For those who prefer the ease and convenience of letting professionals handle the repair and maintenance of their RV, Good Sense RV in Albuquerque offers mobile service where our team of professional mechanics come to you! Whether you just bought a new camper or have had one for years, we’re here when you need us the most!

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