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5th-Wheels vs Motorhomes: Which One Is Right For You?


When looking for a camper vehicle, there are plenty of options. It can be overwhelming to figure out which vehicle is the best choice for you. Here we will compare fifth wheels with motorhomes. Read on to discover which would be a better fit for you. 

What is the difference between 5th wheels and motorhomes?
Fifth wheels and motorhomes can serve similar purposes, but there are some key differences. A fifth wheel is a trailer that hitches to the bed of a truck and gets towed by the truck. Because of this, fifth wheels do require one to own a truck as well. This design allows the living area to be fully separated from the driving area. Alternately, in a motorhome, the driving area and the living area are connected because it is all built into one vehicle.

Depending on the model that you choose and the truck you use to tow with, both fifth wheels and motorhomes come with varying safety and driving-assist features. Generally, fifth wheels offer a smoother and less bumpy ride because the driving space is separate from the living space. Motorhomes, on the other hand, tend to be a little less smooth of a drive due to the way they are designed. A benefit of driving in a motorhome, however, is the ease of switching drivers or communicating with passengers. The design of a motorhome can also be enticing in that one may not expect to have to worry about a hitch and a separate vehicle. However, a lot of motorhome owners tow a car behind their motorhome in order to drive around locally when they reach their destination anyway. 

Storage Space
Though models will vary, fifth wheels generally tend to offer more storage. This is because they often have long passthrough bays. Fifth wheels tend to have more garage space compared to motorhomes because motorhomes have to fit all of the automotive parts in one vehicle, which can mean less garage space. The amount of garage space also makes fifth wheels more adept at toy hauling. Fifth wheels also tend to have more variations in floor plans. 

Stop and Go
Motorhomes are very well suited for easy travel. Because you do not have to deal with a towing mechanism or getting out of one vehicle and into the other, motorhomes are ideal for someone who makes frequent stops or switches drivers often. It is also great for road trips because the driver can still hear what is going on in the living area and talk with everyone else, giving a better sense of togetherness.

No matter which type you choose, owning a camper vehicle is a rewarding investment. Camper vehicles will save you money on lodging and the hassle of dealing with conventional camping. Camper vehicles allow you to take home with you wherever you travel and make road trips a breeze. This also makes it very easy to take your pets with you. Whether you end up with a fifth wheel or a motorhome, your vacations will get easier and more exciting with a camper vehicle!

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