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10 Things To Avoid When RV Shopping

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Being a first-time RV buyer can be very stressful and overwhelming. If you are looking to start shopping for an RV, we have some tips that will help you make the best purchase for yourself and your needs. We’re here to help you avoid common RV shopping mistakes and ensure you have the ultimate RV shopping experience! We have put together a first-time buyer’s guide with all the things that you should avoid.

Buying the Wrong Size
When it comes to RVs, bigger is not always better. It is important to determine the correct size for your needs and not go bigger just for the sake of space. Having a larger rig requires more towing power, more upkeep, and knowing how to maneuver a large vehicle. To ensure that you get the size and layout that you want, talk to your RV dealer about what you envision life with your RV to look like.

Ruling Out Used RVs
A lot of people looking for an RV will automatically rule out used RVs and shop only for brand new vehicles. This is a huge mistake, as RVs are like cars in that they lose value right when they are driven off the lot. Purchasing a used RV will help you save a lot of money and can also bring a lot of value! Many owners take great care of their RVs leaving you with a great deal!

Not Doing Enough Research
Research is key when it comes to making any big purchase, and RVs are no different. There are so many different types of RVs, like fifth wheels, motor homes, and travel trailers. Within those types, there are different brands, models, years, features, and much more. It is helpful to make a list of features that you are looking for in your RV and discuss with them your dealer, letting them know which are the highest priorities on your list.

Not Considering the Towing Vehicle
With travel trailers and fifth wheels, you will, of course, need a tow vehicle to use them. It’s common for people to overlook the tow vehicle and do not realize that the RV they are interested in is not compatible with it. When looking into travel trailers and fifth wheels, familiarize yourself with your vehicle’s towing capacity and be sure to consider the weight of your trailer when it’s loaded with your belongings, not just the dry weight.

Not Considering The Height
Whether it is a bridge, a freeway overpass, or anything else, there are height maximums on the road. Being familiar with the specs of your trailer will make traveling so much simpler!

Not Asking Enough Questions
Never be shy about asking your dealer questions. We are there to help you make the right choice and understand everything about the RV. Asking a professional questions is a great way to get information and make sure you are making an informed decision. Always remember, there are no stupid questions!

Getting The Wrong Insurance
Insurance is an important part of owning an RV. Do plenty of research before choosing an insurance plan to make sure you are covered for everything you want to be.

Rushing Your Purchase
Take your time when shopping for an RV. Make sure that you are well informed and know everything there is to know about that RV! Get it professionally inspected to see if there are any problems or concerns, especially when buying used.

Not Planning For Storage
So many people buy RVs before thinking about where they are actually going to keep them. Before you pull the trigger, make sure that you have a reliable and safe place to park it at all times. This can sometimes be costly so be sure to consider this when budgeting for your RV.

Not Learning To Drive An RV
Driving an RV is certainly a very different experience than driving a car. Be sure to get yourself comfortable and confident driving your RV before taking it on a busy route.

Among these common mistakes, there are many other tips and tricks that will help make your RV shopping experience great. Check out the rest of our blog posts for more RV information and advice! If you are in the market for an RV, give our qualified professionals a call and let them get you into the RV of your dreams.

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