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10 Things Every RV Should Have

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Packing is essential for any camping trip or vacation, and this applies doubly when you’re traveling in an RV. Unlike traditional camping, RVs help you bring the creature comforts of home with you wherever you go, which is why making sure your RV is properly outfitted to have everything you could ever need on the road is crucial. But how can you narrow down your packing to the essentials without leaving anything behind? 

Thankfully, we’ve got years of RV travel experience and can help you make sure you have everything you need before you hit the road. Without further ado, let’s get into the top 10 things every RV should have. 

RV Essentials at a Glance

  • Air Compressor
  • Generator
  • Dehumidifier
  • Wi-Fi/Cellular Booster
  • Battery Pack
  • Instant Pot
  • Water Filter
  • Folding Table
  • High-Quality RV Mattress
  • Bike Rack

1. Air Compressor

While this is an easy item to make the top of our list, it comes in handy for more than just filling up a low-pressure tire. Air compressors can be used for inflatable mattresses, and swimming toys, and can also be paired with other attachments to help keep your RV clean. Thankfully, air compressors are somewhat compact, and have plenty of other uses around your house when you’re not traveling in your RV.

2. Generator

A generator is a camping essential as far as we’re concerned. A high-powered, compact generator can be used to power your devices, provided a backup charge in case of trouble, and can be useful around your campsite. You can power lights, run kitchen electronics, and even hook up parts of your RV if you have a more powerful generator. Of course, not every generator works with every style of RV, so be sure to research the types of generators for RV camping before making an investment. 

3. Dehumidifier

While your RV may be watertight, things are prone to getting humid while on the road, especially during the summer months or after heavy rain. A good, portable dehumidifier can help keep your RV comfortable and prevent unwanted surprises like mold. 

4. Wi-Fi/Cellular Booster

Sure, if you’re looking to rough it on the road, you can leave this essential behind, but a cellular booster can really come in handy during an emergency situation. If you have a phone carrier that is prone to spottiness or find yourself visiting remote RV campsites, investing in a small, portable cellular booster can make a world of difference. 

5. Battery Pack

Listen, we’ve all wanted to charge our phones or laptop without starting up the generator. A portable battery pack or two can help keep the fun rolling all day long in your RV, and can even be taken along on hikes to ensure you don’t run out of power when you need it the most. Thanks to modern technology, battery packs can power larger devices, including laptops and small kitchen appliances, meaning you can make a quick pot of coffee without having to start up the generator—it’s a win-win! 

6. Instant Pot 

While we’ve already discussed what to look for in kitchen essentials for RVing, an Instant Pot is a huge camping game changer. Yes, while Instant Pots can be somewhat intimidating, this compact cooking device can speed up your meal prep, and act as an ideal multi-purpose kitchen device.

7. Water Filter

While keeping bottled water with you in your RV is a smart idea, having a large water filter on your counter can save you time and money. While you should only ever drink water that is safe for consumption, having a nice water filter can save your taste buds and keep you hydrated on the road. 

8. Folding Table

While your RV has its own surfaces that can fold out of the way, having a folding table to set up at the campsite can be perfect for making dinner, playing a card game, or working on folding clothes before you pick up camp. Plus, a good card table can be used around your home as well, making it a multi-use purchase. 

9. High-Quality RV Mattress

Listen, your back is going to thank you for this RV essential. Sure, you can get away with an inflatable mattress, but investing in a high-quality mattress for your RV will help you sleep better and has the added bonus of lasting longer. 

10. Bike Rack

Sure, biking isn’t necessary when you’re RVing, but it sure is fun. A quality bike rack can store your bikes, as well as any additional supplies you may need on the road. Some bike racks even come with a storage container platform, giving you that much extra space for gear. 

While there are plenty of essentials for your RV on this list, finding the right RV and prepping it to hit the road can be a real hassle. If you’re looking to start your next vacation off without a hitch, come visit us for a tune-up or to learn more about the right RV to suit your personal travel needs.

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